YouTube Success School

This is an online course for those in pursuit of video excellence. Whether you’re a business owner, personal brand, online entrepreneur, fitness instructor, photographer or foodie – I want to help you get your message out there in the world and I can’t think of a better place than YouTube to showcase and market your work!

The course offers you the opportunity to build your YouTube channel using 5 simple steps that I’ve personally developed from my own YouTube experience. This is a DIY online course and you will work through each of the modules at your own pace. I go through everything you need to know to get your channel up and running, from the YouTube foundations to detailed strategies to grow your audience.

Foundation Module : Setting Up for Success

An introduction to the basics. Everything you need to know to start your YouTube journey and how to start. Learn the basics from how to set up designing your YouTube channel homepage for maximum impact.

MODULE 1 : video Content Strategies

What and how to make your videos. We learn how to decide what goes onto your channel in terms of content and creative. 

Module 2 : Video Programming & Production

Understand the importance of planning out your video content.

Module 3 | Marketing, Search & Discovery

Learn how to market your channel using SEO. Make sure you are doing your best to allow people to find your videos. Using Youtube native features and social media you can get found without spending a penny or dime 😉


Module 4 | YouTube Audience Development

This covers how to grow your audience and keep them engaged


M5: STEP 5 : Measuring Success

Measure your success. Lear what key metrics you need to keep your ey on and how you can optimise your channel using your analytics and data insights.


bonuses : youtube strategy workbook & reseources

Get all the bonuses which include the ultimate recording, graphics & video editing checklists, video making planners, done for you video scripts and video making tools discounts.

Stay organised, plan ahead, get creative.

Emma Drew


Award-winning YouTube Creator, Consultant and Author. Emma’s on a mission to encourage entrepreneurs to effectively use YouTube to reach more people, offer great value and grow their business.

YouTube influencer since 2009 with her YouTube channel MyVoxSongs. Emma founded to consolidate her video and marketing knowledge so that she can help entrepreneurs navigate the world of YouTube and digital video for business.

She works with brands, influencers, experts and entrepreneurs offering one-to-one consultancy and online digital courses on how to successfully start and scale their business using YouTube and video marketing.

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