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I like helping people like me. If you’re a Creative, Entrepreneur, Brand and excited about video then we’re going to be a great fit.

My Mission

I’m passionate about getting results for you using the latest video marketing tools and insights to get results and so that you can make an impact. With over 10 years as a YouTuber, growing my YouTube channel to over 420 million views and coupled with my previous Marketing experience in the Music and gaming industries, I believe to achieve excellence in today,  you need creativity, imagination and passion to see results. 

MyVoxSongs Youtube Channel 

MyVoxSongs has an audience of 424,000 subscribers and growing after 10 years on YouTube. The MyVoxSongs story. MyVoxSongs was the first UK created nursery rhymes animations YouTube channel. Responsible for inspiring the huge boom in kids animated nursery rhymes in a the last decade. Still going albeit slow, it has experienced the ups, the downs and the YouTube algorithm and has survived every challenge that has come it’s way.  It’s success is based on keeping the MyVoxSongs audience entertained. In additions to the YouTube channel, MyVoxSongs has grown into an independent strong kids brand with it’s own website, online shop and community.

Brand experience

I worked with some of the worlds largest entertainment brands both as a Marketer and Creator. Online Media Biz partners with the best in the business of video marketing and organic and paid online Marketing.

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