It’s time to use your creative edge and use video for your business. But where do you start? Video doesn’t have to be complicated and that’s why I’m here. I help people like you confidently create video and successfully grow your YouTube channel, so that you can make an impact with your message and grow your brand and business. PLAY VIDEO.

Imagine if you could create video easily.

Whether you need videos for your YouTube channel, website, course or advertising I can help you get started.

I’ve been making digital video for over a decade and I’ve made it my mission to teach you to create video confidently and successfully.

Making videos can seem like a daunting process for many and it’s often difficult to know where to start. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered,  I can help you take the right steps, find the right tools and processes to make sure your video making is fun, creative and effective.

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YouTube Channel Starter Kit

… a YouTube creator that has a crazy desire to teach you how to use the power of video to successfully share your message and grow your brand.

It doesn’t matter what level you are, there’s a way into video for every level. If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or expert, I share the techniques that I use to make video and to rapidly grow your YouTube channel.

It’s time you put your online video plan into action whatever your niche. 

YouTube Book For Kids – OUT NOW!


Inspire and teach the next generation of YouTube creators about the delights of video and learn how to grow a YouTube channel the easy way. It’s the perfect book for kids who are serious about becoming a YouTuber.

Like parents all around the world I had to combine working from home with homeschooling. Lockdown has been challenging for many but it also opened up new ways of doing things. As kids everywhere spent a lot fo time watching YouTube videos (including my own), I wanted to offer a way that kids who wanted to have a go at making their own YouTube videos and try starting their own channel could do so easily. So I set to work creating book that would support tweens and teens in their quest to be a YouTuber ‘when they grow up’. I also wanted to support parents, teachers and guardians with an understanding of YouTube and offer further online safety resources to explore.

Thankfully the lockdown period gave me the opportunity to produce the book and I self-published it on World Book Day 2021 on Amazon. Phew!  If you know a kid who wants to be a YouTuber then they’ll love this book. Available in paperback and also available in colour. Also makes a perfect gift.

Welcome to the world of Video

Video is the most effective way of communicating what you have to offer, in today’s world. It’s the fastest way to drive traffic to your business and is fast becoming an essential piece of your online content mix whatever your niche. It’s without question the fastest and most effective way to get your message across. With so many video tools available it couldn’t be easier to create a video. If you’re an entrepreneur or brand just starting out with video, then welcome to my world. I want to make it easy for you that’s why I show you how and where to begin with creating video and starting your YouTube channelVideo trumps other forms of digital content because

  •  it’s quick and easy to communicate your message and;
  • it’s effective in getting the results you want.

Your video strategy does not stand alone. It’s part of the bigger picture. As a successful YouTube creator myself, I’ve helped many clients build and launch their YouTube channels and NOW, I want to help you. If you want to get YouTube insider secrets, video making tips and weekly video motivation, then join my Video Friends list. Sign up below and as a bonus, you’ll get my free YouTube Success Guide.

How we can work together

I work with talented artists, influencers, brands and entrepreneurs. All my clients have different videos needs and skill levels. They also have very different budgets and timeframes. Because I’m so passionate about bringing Video into your world I have created 2 ways in which I can work with you. If you are looking to have a YouTube presence and would like a video marketing strategy then click the button below

YouTube Course

If you prefer to learn by yourself for the fraction of the cost of consulting fees then grab yourself a seat on my flagship online course – the YouTube Audience Growth Lab. Find out exactly what’s in the course. Click the button below.

If you’re just starting out then check out the free resources in the menu bar for lots of video inspiration.

Video Marketing Consulting

Grow your brand with YouTube and video marketing. 

YouTube Course

10x your YouTube channel growth the easy way.

Hands down one of the best consultants that I have ever worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable on the complex workings of You Tube and how to operate it as a successful business.
Emma’s work is really exemplary and she would be an asset to anyone looking at growing their You Tube channel and business.
Judith Emanuel

CEO & Founder Warrior Addict

Emma’s knowledge and ability to communicate with our Business Management Students is outstanding. As a regular speaker at the University, she is able to inspire students to take an holistic approach to International Business & Marketing using both the basic principles of marketing and the emergence of online business and social media best practice.

Professor Orietta Marsili

University of Bath, UK

Emma has been instrumental in helping me build my YouTube channel audience and create my strategy. I saw a x10 increase in my channel audience after Emma worked her magic. Thanks to Emma’s structure and vision she has given me I know what I need to do to achieve my YouTube goals!

Terez Wrau

Singer/Songwriter & YouTube Content Creator