Confessions Of A YouTuber Podcast

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With Creator & host, Emma Drew. Learn to harness your power as a successful YouTube Influencer.

Subscribe on iTunes, and leave a review. Confessions Of A YouTuber is a Podcast that explores the untold truth about what it takes to be a successful YouTuber, whatever the topic. I interview a guest YouTube Creator and get up close and personal and talk about their YouTube experience, motivation and the challenges they’ve faced on their journey. My guests reveal their secret tips and strategies that has helped grow their YouTube channels & online businesses. As a YouTuber myself for over 10 years, and certified in YouTube Audience Growth, I know the trials & tribulations of being a successful YouTuber, balancing life and sustaining YouTube channel success.

Podcast Interview with Steve Cash from Talking Kitty Cat

Show #11 Steve Cash and Sylvester (the Cat) are YouTube legends. With well over 2 million subscribers and a consistently growing audience, they are creators of the funniest cat video series ever! I talk to Steve about everything from being a musician, film-making with his cat to YouTube therapy. We learn of Steve’s journey and how he survived through some serious challenges and algorithmic changes over the years, and how his channel got bigger, better and stronger. Check out how you can grow from strength to strength and find out what kept Steve sane over the last decade on YouTube.


Podcast Interview with Luke Ayios from MiffedCrew

Show #10 Teen YouTuber turns full-time Professional Youtuber. Luke from Miffed Crew reveals how he nurtured his loyal fanbase through his video content and talks in detail about the method behind the maddness, that is Youtube content creation.


Podcast Interview with Natasha Lee from Devine By Design Beauty

Show #9 Mum of 3 and award-winning beauty guru 2018/19, Natasha Lee, spills the beans on Youtuber life and the growth of her beauty business


Podcast Interview with Ann Tyrie from English Like A Native

Show #8 This what happens when you have more than one idea for a great YouTube channel.


Podcast Interview with Ieva from Surprise Collector & Sunshine

Show #7 How do you achieve 2.9 million YouTube Subscribers? Find out how this fabulous lady rose to the top of the YouTube Kids niche while facing burnout, demonetisation and real life challenges.


Podcast Interview with philosopher & spiritual teacher Aaron Abke

Show #6 Learn how Aaron Univeral Laws proved more powerful than the Youtube algorithm in earning him a highly engaged YouTube following.


Podcast Interview with extraordinary Kids Arts & Crafts Influencer Maggy Woodley

Show #5 Introducing, Maggy, YouTube’s answer to Mr Maker! Her Arts & Crafts kids channel is off the charts.


Podcast Interview with successful YouTuber & Hypnosis expert Alicia Fairclough

Show #4 Alicia Fairclough tells her secret to creating a profitable Personal Brand on YouTube & shares her Entrepreneur story.


Podcast Interview with talented Voice Over artist Connor Colquhoun

Show #3 Having no money didn’t stop Connor Colquhoun from cashing out! See how he did it.


Podcast Interview with successful entrepreneur & YouTuber Anna Bey

Show #2 How Anna’s YouTube Channel Can Make You Feel Like A Million Dollars Every Day of The Week.


Podcast Interview with successful fitness YouTuber Lucy Wyndham-Read

Show #1: The Trials & Tribulations Of Fitness YouTuber Brand, Lucy Wyndham-Read