A guide to youtube & Video Marketing

written By Emma Drew

coming soon 2021

Everything you need to get started on YouTube

Having lived and breathed YouTube as a Creator and Marketing consultant for over 12 years I wanted to create a book that would not just give you the nuts and bolts of building a successful YouTube channel, but will motivate and mentor you too. This is more than just a ‘How To Do YouTube’ book. Sign up to be the first to know when it’s out.


Emma Drew

Passionate about getting results for your business using the latest marketing tools and insight to get results and make an impact. With over 12 years as a YouTuber, growing her channel to over 430 million views and marketing experience in the Music and gaming industries, Emma believes to achieve excellence in todays market place you need creativity, imagination and passion to drive results. OMC partners with the best in the business of video marketing and organic and paid online marketing.

Coming SooN

…and for the the YOUNGER video creators. comming soon – Released March 2021

Inspire and teach the next generation of YouTube creators all about creating video and the delights of motion graphics, green screen, gaming videos and more.