Today’s guest is the beautiful Alicia Fairclough, who’s Self-titled YouTube channel, is known as one of the most relaxing YouTube Channels out there. She’s a successful entrepreneur who has built her YouTube Channel & business around her passion for Hypnosis. As a skilled trainer, she serves a huge community of people on YouTube who find it hard to relax or sleep. Using her unique techniques she gives her viewers a sense of calm while also empowering them with the tools to do it themselves. 

Listen to the full story of how Alicia Fairclough started her YouTube channel in this niche and how she turned her Personal Brand into a profitable business. She was incredibly generous with her tips and advice, so this is a MUST listen if you’re planning to build your Personal Brand using video.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, or you just want help to relax, then click here to check out Alicia Fairclough’s YouTube Channel

Here are some of Alicia’s top performing videos.

The Best Sleep Hypnosis 

How Hypnotisable Are You? Take the test… ** Ultimate Hypnosis Test! **

Alicia’s Website & Social:

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